Analysis of abnormal production of safety capacitor

There is a small object on the surface of the film capacitor, but in the production process, every link should not be wrong. Today, the film capacitor manufacturer brings you about the abnormal problems in the production process of the safety capacitor

When we find that there are abnormalities in the production process of the safety film capacitor, such as large foot distance and thin thickness, but they are in line with the specification requirements, there are potential hazards. It may become thicker and thicker in the next second, which is beyond the specification range. What should we do? For the first time, relatives who do quality work will find the operators to ask why they make mistakes and ask for rework! There are two kinds of conclusions, one is accepted by the production personnel, the other is not accepted! Unacceptable production is considered as a minor problem and no adjustment is needed. But the quality personnel believe that this is a potential big problem. The two sides have different positions, different opinions and different opinions. The dispute between production and quality has never been open since then.

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